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The most complete add-in suite
for Microsoft Office


Main Benefits


With UpSlide, save time on low value-added tasks (formatting, copy-pasting…) and collaborate more easily.


UpSlide customizes Microsoft Office so your team produces convincing and consistent documents.


UpSlide secured and flexible link ensures that your PPT and Word documents are always up to date with the underlying Excel data.

Key Features

Link Excel data to PPT/Word

Create your table and charts in Excel, and export them to PowerPoint or Word with a single click. When your Excel data changes, your other documents are updated!


Table of contents in PowerPoint

UpSlide enables you to automatically create a table of contents. Organize your presentation in sections and subsections and UpSlide will update the table of contents and the section dividers, which will respect your visual identity.


Shared contents library

In PowerPoint, everyone in your team will have access to a library of ready-to-use slides, logos, shapes and maps. In Excel, everyone will have access to a library of sheets, tables and charts already formatted for your team.


Hear it from Our Clients !

  • UpSlide’s value for money speaks for itself.


  • I recommend UpSlide. It is a collaborative tool, which significantly increases productivity.