The world’s leading add in for Microsoft Excel, Word and Powerpoint.


Perform routine Excel and Powerpoint tasks 5X faster and save time on low-value added tasks like formatting


Create complex graphs like Waterfall, Gantt and Marimekko with your company branding and style.


Excel, Word & Powerpoint are customized enabling your team to produce documents with your branding


Features like Linking Excel to PowerPoint, Shared Table of Contents in PowerPoint, Design Tools and much more.

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7000 users

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250 teams


60 countries
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“UpSlide has proven very useful within the Corporate Finance world and everyone loves it. You cannot imagine how much time our analysts and associates are saving! The teams can now focus on high value-added tasks and share the same templates to build on a common brand.”

Geoffrey Chaumatte - Business Manager Corporate Finance Americas

“We chose UpSlide for three reasons; The first reason is that in our job we always need to present documents to our prospects and clients so UpSlide helped industrialise our processes. As a result, our analysts can now work faster. The second reason why we chose UpSlide is that we were able to fully customise UpSlide to our needs, our visual identity and to our way of working. Finally, from a qualitative point of view, we are now doing better with fewer resources which is the main win with UpSlide.”

Marc Sabate – Partner & Director of Operations

“The whole firm was looking for a solution to standardize and streamline the preparation of Word documents and PowerPoint presentations – we found it! In our business of tax law, changes and last minute adjustments to documents are numerous and stressful. Some tasks are repetitive and could be automated. Upslide facilitates the safe creation and modification of documents integrating complex and varied sources. Our customers appreciate our responsiveness. Thank you Upslide for your listening, patience and the successful deployment of your solution. Bravo!”

Olivier Vergniolle – Partner

“We have cut the time it takes to produce each slide by 50%. UpSlide definitely improved our way of working. It brings us more reliability, along with significant time-savings. We really want to thank the whole team!”

“UpSlide has definitely improved our way of working. It allows us to save significant amounts of time with Excel and PowerPoint when deadlines are short. Upslide is a great tool that ensures the data is accurate and creates an extremely efficient workflow.”

Julia O Brien ‎- Assistant Vice President Communications

“Upslide is a great tool that we use every quarter for our earnings releases. It ensures the data is accurate and creates an extremely efficient workflow. We like it a lot.”

Romain Richemont – Investor Relations Manager

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