2015 Financial Modelling World Championship

Dec, 04, 2015
Joseph-Lau-winner modeloff
UpSlide attended and took part in The 2015 Financial Modelling World Championship, organised by ModelOff, which occured from December 3rd-4th in London.


Our financial modelling team took part in workshops with modelers from all over (37 countries) to share best practices and build modeling standards. In parallel of the championship, Model Off also hosted a global training camp with conferences and workshops. Many young business and finance professionals attended, looking to improve their technical skills in fields such as: Advanced Excel, Financial Analysis, Financial Modelling, Investment Management, Private Equity and Risk Intelligence. The event, sponsored by Microsoft, welcomed speakers from the Excel development team, but also former champions of the competition and financial modelling professionals, from KPMG, IBHero, S&P Capital IQ, IntraLinks and UpSlide!

technical training inspired by the best rob jones

Our financial modelling team took part to workshops with modelers from all around the world (37 countries represented) to share best practices and build modeling standards. They also joined the Excel development team to get updated on Excel newest features.

UpSlide CEO, Antoine Vettes, was invited to speak at a conference about how FinTech and Innovation will impact future Due Diligence, M&A and Investments operations:

“At UpSlide, innovation comes from a partnership with users and a lean adaptation to their feedback. Microsoft made it a priority: their UserVoice service has been displayed for almost every tools. By doing so, they can now efficiently collect customer comments and improve their tools.”

Mr Vettes was also asked what he was thinking about the future of Excel for the next decade:

“Excel will remain a popular tool, however the way we use it will evolve. It will probably include much more data visualization features thanks to Microsoft investments in Power BI solution.  Regarding the way we present business and financial analyses, new tools will appear, in addition to PowerPoint. UpSlide will adapt and follow users in those changes.”

UpSlide's team at ModelOff GTC

All in all,  we had an amazing time at the 2015 edition of the ModelOff Global Training Camp in London. We hope to see you there next year!

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Author: Taylor Edouard