5 Interesting Facts about GDPs in 2014

Aug, 27, 2015

In 2014 the Growth World Product (GWP) reached 77 301 000 US dollars. We used UpSlide to prepare a very visual waterfall chart about it:


  • 65% of the growth product created in the whole world was produced by only 10 countries.
  • The European Union, if considered as an united economical space, has the strongest growth product: 18 495 billion US dollars which represent about 24% of the GWP. The United States and China produced together almost 36% of the GWP, (respective GDPs of 17 413 billion US dollars and 10 380 billion US dollars).
  • Tuvalu is the last country ranked by the International Monetary Fund with 38 million US dollars of GDP.
  • California with a GDP of 2 287 billion US dollars would be ranked as the seventh richest country of the world.
  • The state of New York is 1 thousand times richer than the whole Zimbabwe country (respectively 13 150 billion US dollars and 13 billion US dollars).5 Interesting Facts about GDPs in 2014


This waterfall chart was produced in one click thanks to UpSlide.
The following features were used:
Waterfall chart,
Smart format,
Library of contents.

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Author: Taylor Edouard