New Release: UpSlide 4.1 now available

Oct, 09, 2015

UpSlide’s team is glad to say UpSlide 4.1 is now available and includes many new features.
upslide 4.1 is now available

This new release includes a bunch of new features:

  • Insert a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) trend line directly in your Excel charts, in one click
  • Deploy Office chart templates along with UpSlide
  • Word: buttons reorganized to enhance user experience

But also great improvements for the modeling module.

  • IfError: wrap all the selected formulas in an iferror function in only one click
  • Autocolor: our feature can now detect direct plugs in formulas
  • Smart Track: new interface, new inner workings and vastly improved scope and performance. Understanding complex formulas has never been easier.

Once again our software engineers worked hard to find new ways to make your Microsoft Office experience easier, faster and more efficient.

We hope you’ll like it.

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Author: Taylor Edouard