UpSlide’s Chief Technology Officer: Julien Villemonteix

Feb, 20, 2017

UpSlide is a rapidly growing tech start-up. Our products help professionals create exceptional presentations and reports faster in Microsoft Office. Clients include firms such as KPMG, Deloitte, Citi and AXA. UpSlide is constantly growing worldwide as there are numerous job opportunities available at all our offices in Paris, London and New York.

In 2017, we were ranked as one of the top French companies to work at, with a high happiness score of 4.68/5! UpSlide believes in the happiness of their employees and works to create a stimulating environment. Our philosophy is that a job should contribute to personal development and growth. We are looking for outstanding people who are energetic, determined, and passionate.

UpSlide is constantly looking to hire brilliant software engineers and would like to share with you the story behind one of the key figures in the team. Julien Villemonteix is Chief Technology Officer at UpSlide and has been with the company since 2011…

Julien Villemonteix

Julien’s Story…
Julien came across the role of CTO for UpSlide on LinkedIn and started working in a tiny office with the two founders, Antoine Vettes and Philippe Chazalon, in 2010. After 6 months the UpSlide beta version was developed and after 12 months Sanofi was the very first client equipped with UpSlide. A few months after, UpSlide started sub-letting 1 small office in a magnificent traditional Haussmann style building located avenue de l’Opéra near the Louvre. Six years later, the company is now taking up two floors of the building.  

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Why a Startup?

UpSlide appealed to Julien because of the project itself. He had experienced working for large companies before and wanted to join a small team where he could measure the outcome of his efforts. Julien found UpSlide to be a simple idea that could appeal to many people worldwide.

“At start it was alot of fun but we had to make do with limited means. Now it’s still as much fun but we have all the comfort that a profitable company can offer…”

Julien found that working within a startup is a huge shift after life in a 100k employee group. Your work has a direct impact on everything in the business. You can be involved in sales, HR, product development and much more. 

The Role of a Startup CTO changes over time…

There is no single evolutionary path for a CTO’s role, because it’s driven by their personality, skills, and experience. The technical and organizational challenges the company is facing throughout its development adds even more possibilities . At UpSlide Julien’s story was unique…

  1. Early stages: The main thing is to convert the founder’s vision in real features for the software. Everything has to be defined: from the business model to the technology. You need to be very creative to make things work fast with limited resources.

  2. First clients: As you sign your first clients, the scope extends. Initially, you were mainly talking to potential users to identify their pain and build a solution that would heal that pain. Now you have to talk to new stakeholders like an IT manager that will deploy your solution, to think about demoing your features and to answer support calls with a client-supplier brand new relationship.

  3. Scaling up: As you grow, the role expands accordingly. The main challenges include: organize the development team, organize the product management (and in particular find the right balance between your client’s need and your product vision), head the engineering team (including day-to-day and strategic management), define the organization of other emerging departments in the company (product, marketing, customer success, etc.).

  4. Vision Shift: Somewhere along the line, for many different reasons (evolution of your market, competition, or you simply get a better idea), you might need to shift to a new product vision. This is a very interesting challenge and the CTO has a central part in these fundamental transitions.

“It’s great to see the impact the development team has across the whole company” – Julien Villemonteix 

The UpSlide Dev Team Now…

Seven years on and Julien has put together a team of five software engineers and one DevOps. The consensus the team builds over time is that quality is really to be put before speed. They put their development processes at the center of everything and try to continuously improve using various work methods like Test Driven Development, Pair Programming and continuous integration. Despite the rather young age of the team members (average age is 27) engineers at UpSlide are given tools and conditions to write good code. And so far, nearly a million lines of code have already been written! 

What UpSlide is looking for?

UpSlide is looking for brilliant software engineers. Full stack developers in particular – from a young graduate with none or some experience to an experienced professional. 

“We hire brainpower, not skills (although some experience in .NET would be nice)!”

 Why Join UpSlide?

  • Join a profitable, fast paced company and quickly take on new responsibilities in a great start-up culture.

  • Work in a beautiful office in an exceptional location, in close contact with our London and NY offices.

  • Depending on your skills / aspirations you can evolve in many directions: technical lead, product manager etc…

  • Enjoy 10-20% innovation time.

  • We are a young and dynamic team. Despite demanding clients and objectives, we value our work-life balance and our well-being at work. There is a sense of pride working at UpSlide – everyone involved is passionate about the business and the work they do.

Chief Technology Officer: Julien Villemonteix UpSlide Offices Jobs Developer

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Author: Chandni Trehan