Create a Waterfall chart

A waterfall chart (or Bridge) is an intuitive tool to visualize the cumulative effect of sequentially introduced positive or negative values.

To create a Waterfall chart  simply select your data and click the "Get Selection" button. Your data should be organized as described in the picture below

Waterfall image


In the example above, the labels and data are organized in columns, Waterfall Chart can also generate a Bridge if your data are organized in lines.

The first and last data are always treated as results (not effects). If your data contains one or more intermediary result as in the picture above, Waterfall will automatically detect it and use the appropriate column to represent it.

Related features

To get sample data for a Waterfall Chart, you can use the "Insert Sample Data" button.

Hide/Show the menu

To Hide the button bar, click on the arrow at the bottom right, the menu and the arrow now disapears.
To make it reappear, mouseover on the previous location of the arrow, and click.