Interview with Aurore Jaugin | UpSlide Head of Sales US

Sep, 22, 2015
In April 2015 we opened our first US office in the big apple.

Aurore Jaugin, originally based in our Paris office, has moved to a WeWork coworking space in the Chelsea district of NYC to become our Head of Sales in the US. We wanted to get her first impressions on what it means to extend a business to the US for a French native and join the New York French Tech ecosystem.

aurore upslide

Hello Aurore,

As the new Head of Sales in the US, can you tell us why UpSlide has opened an office in NYC?

“Hello! Well I could say our team had two goals. First we wanted to get closer to our existing clients to strengthen our relationship with them and be able to follow-up their use and remarks with the software better and quicker. We wanted to be even more reactive and closer to the needs of our clients based there. Then we wanted American companies, banks and consulting firms to benefit from our European software in the best conditions, with sales team and support at hand.”

What striked you the most when you started to do business in the United States?

“Well there are a few cultural differences of course, but it is a chance to discover and understand the American business codes. I was glad to see that many companies are very aware of the importance of being updated on the latest tech tools that can improve their productivity and the quality of their work.”

“I loved the business spirit in New York, it is very stimulating to work in this business hub and inspiration to see people so passionate about their work. It seems that the “city that never sleeps” gives a real emulation to any businessman or businesswoman.”


How has UpSlide been welcomed so far?

“Great opportunities are rising and I am always trying to find the best fit of UpSlide for our clients. New applications for new teams, for example we recently equipped a Research and Strategy team on a trading floor, which was a first. We also adapt our business model depending on our clients’ needs: it is a very interesting challenge to be flexible and eager to find a common ground to deliver the best solutions.”

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Where did you find support to develop your business?

“Our offices are hosted in a WeWork coworking space. WeWork is a great infrastructure that connects entrepreneurs and business owners working in it. They also organize many conferences and workshops which empower members to deal with specific business issues.”

“We also joined the French Chamber of commerce in New York which organizes many events to ease connections between French expatriates. It is always great to share our experiences and collect insightful pieces of advice. The mutual solidarity between French entrepreneurs is great to experience.”

“Finally I joined a few events organized by French Founders, one of the most influential organization for the promotion of French entrepreneurship abroad. Those were very inspiring moments for me and I loved exchanging with this community of business adventurers.”

What can we wish you for this fall 2015 ?

Well so far I hope to keep on this track, I want to improve our customer service and find the best response to each of our customer’s feedback and ofcourse I wish for a bright future for our software in the United States.

Thank you very much Aurore! Comment below or tweet us what you thought of this interview… 



Author: Taylor Edouard