New Hires at UpSlide – London & Paris

Feb, 20, 2017

 UpSlide is proud to welcome Jerzy, Bobby, Elise, Jerôme and Quentin to the team!

Bobby Dohil

Introducing the experienced and super results driven Bobby. Bobby studied Business at Queen Mary’s University of London and previously worked in sales for a large fintech company and was providing Investment Management Software to Asset Managers. 

Why did you want to work with UpSlide?
“Because ‘time flies whether you are wasting it or not’. I believe in what UpSlide is trying to achieve as it allows users to stop wasting time on things they shouldn’t, so they can start spending time on things they should.”

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself…

“I once dressed up as one of the five Spice Girls and danced to the song ‘wannabe’ in front of 2,000 colleagues and business partners on stage, in Prague.”

How have you found your time at UpSlide so far?

Jerzy Wilczek

Introducing the entrepreunerial and very hard working Jerzy Wilczek. Jerzy has a Bachelor degree in Finance & Accounting at The Warsaw School of Economics and has also completed an exchange program at Universidad Complutense in Madrid.

Why did you want to work with UpSlide?
I wanted to join a young and fast growing company with an amazing value proposition. To be completely honest – the view from the London office is simply amazing!

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself…
“I swam in the Barents Sea.”

How have you found your time at UpSlide so far?
“Really cool! I have enjoyed the time spent with the teams in London and Paris. I am really excited about the opportunity to work with both of them!”

Elise Humbert Meet Elise Humbert, Jerôme Schmitt, Quentin Despas

Elise Humbert

Introducing our very creative and skilled Graphic Designer Elise Humbert. Elise studied Multimedia Conception and Webdesign through a bachelor degree in the University of Cergy-Pontoise. Elise previously worked in a health insurance firm as a graphic designer.

Tell us about your last job?
“My goal was to modernize the communication and to bring some fun and attractiveness to the activity of the company. I had the opportunity to develop key projects, and most importantly to bring my skills and passion for motion design videos. Parallel to this experience, I also worked as a freelance graphic designer.”

Why did you want to work with UpSlide?
I was interested in melting the experience of being a freelancer – being able to directly talk with clients, with the experience of being part of a great team, from which I can learn. Joining the UpSlide Studio was a great opportunity and I was really impressed by the company philosophy, the beautiful premises and of course, working on the famous Avenue de l’Opéra.”

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself…
I’m really interested in arts and creation in general, so I always try to save some time for all kinds of artistic creation like singing, drawing and painting.”

How have you found your time at UpSlide so far?
I’ve only been working at UpSlide for a few weeks but I’m very happy to learn so much, and yet have the freedom to lead and implement projects. Trust is a precious value of the company – which I really do appreciate.”

Jerome Schmitt Meet Elise Humbert, Jerôme Schmitt, Quentin Despas

Jerôme Schmitt

Introducing our highly talented IT Engineer Jerôme. Jerôme worked as IT Engineer at Kepler Cheuvreux, one of Europe’s leading Financial Brokers. He studied Networking and Security for five years at University.

Why did you want to work with UpSlide?
“The challenge is the key! I used to work in companies with a lot of bad pressure working on standard activities. I realised I wanted something with less unproductive stress and a more exciting challenge. That’s why I joined UpSlide, the opportunity to work in great conditions with a great team spirit on great projects.”

Tell us about your role at UpSlide
“My job consists of setting up, maintaining and evolving the internal IT infrastructure of UpSlide. I also take care of UpSlide support for users and their IT Teams. From deployment to support if you have a problem with UpSlide, it is with great pleasure that I would like to help you.”

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself?
“I’m a junk food lover, and I can’t have lunch without a burger!”

How have you found your time at UpSlide so far?
Interesting! I love the team and there are great projects coming for 2017. I’m pretty excited!”

Quentin Despas Business Developer France UpSlide Excel PowerPoint Link Meet Elise Humbert, Jerôme Schmitt, Quentin Despas

Quentin Despas

Introducing our friendly and hard working Business Developer Quentin Despas. Quentin has been a TEDx speaker, founded an app and worked as a strategic analyst at One2Team, a start-up based in San Francisco. Quentin achieved a Masters degree in Business Sciences, Entrepreunership & Sales at Kedge Business School.

Why did you want to work with UpSlide?
UpSlide has a very unique value proposition; letting professionals do more of what they love instead of spending time on low value-added tasks. I think helping people doing what they enjoy is a good reason to join a company and not to forget the fact that the team is amazing.

How have you found your time at UpSlide so far?
A perfect balance between exciting work challenges and amazing moments with the team.


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Author: Chandni Trehan