UpSlide at the TechRun : more SPORT, fewer SLIDES !

Oct, 09, 2017

YEAHHHHHH! BRAVOOOO ! Cyprien, David, François, Julie, Marc, Maxime, Swann & Quentin did great at the TechRun on October the 7th! Congratulations to the eight happy runners who have embodied so well UpSlide’s values: excellence, trust, and fun at work 😊

It all started with a joyful preparation, under the sun & in front of the Vincennes Castle in Paris… and it has ended up with unforgettable memories and a best-ever score in UpSlide’s history!
Let’s discover the best of the TechRun’s moments according to five of UpSlide’s runners…

“We were all stunned and proud to see Quentin arriving first amongst all the runners to the finish line. I was proud and excited to be the second runner on the starting blocks! What an incredible booster for the UpSlide team to ear about Quentin in the microphone There is a first runner arriving, he is from UpSlide, we can see on his T-Shirt “More SPORT, fewer SLIDES”.

“My key moment of emotion was when I saw Maxime ready to receive the stick from my own hand. It meant I had done my part of the relay, I HAD DONE IT. That is when I realized I was sharing this moment with my team and I felt lucky”.

“I was the last participant of my team and when I crossed the finish line, I was really happy. I was proud too because I knew we had done a good performance! We end up being 12th over 279 teams.”

“The before and the after the run were my favorite moments. I enjoyed the preparation phase and the cheering up of the team before the race. I am used to running by myself and I must say that the team spirit is something special. Welcoming each of our UpSlide’s runners after their 5km was a really happy moment !”.

“The rain did not stop me from ending the run with a huge smile! I was the last runner of the second UpSlide’s team. As a developer at UpSlide, I am used to be at the beginning of the processes, at the TechRun, I was glad to conclude the team’s experience for once :-)”

At UpSlide, we have a coach coming every week for those who want to exercise. We also have a group of Yoga addict who gathers every Friday for a session. We never fail to take time out for relaxation or sport and we believe this helps our creativity, efficiency and lower our stress level.

That is why we proudly said on our TechRun T-shirts: more SPORT, fewer SLIDES!
Join the movement, meet us and use UpSlide!

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Author: Charlotte Leboucher