Asset Management #Efficiency Breakfast: How to Regain Control of your Time?

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  • By Léa Faust, 05/03/2018

“Welcome to this Efficient Anonymous group!” Antoine Vettes, co-founder of UpSlide, opened up the discussions and set the tone: requests for proposals, due diligence questionnaires, pitchbooks: asset managers are constantly running late and struggling with dunning tasks. Our first efficiency breakfast was all about finding new ways of working to avoid spending hours formatting a PowerPoint presentation, copy-pasting disclaimers or updating data.

How to save time and be more efficient? What new working methods implement to reach that goal? These are the main questions we tackled during this breakfast dedicated to Asset Managers. It gathered professionals from Tikehau Capital, Sycomore AM and CM-CIC Asset Management as well as UpSlide experts on efficiency tips. Here are the highlights of this convivial morning around time saving tips.

“Efficiency is a mindset”

“My first day of work in an audit firm, I left at midnight to update a PowerPoint presentation”, painfully remembers Antoine.

Since that time, he dedicated his energy to find a way to help people work better. “Efficiency is a mindset”, he says. A mindset that was demonstrated through 3 main topics: ProjectsCustomers and Tools.

Charlotte, Head of Marketing at UpSlide, handled the first topic about project management. She gave some tips to prioritise your tasks, delegate and share information amongst your team and focus to give your best. Here are some of her main take-aways:

  • Hold a To-Do list, but also an Undo list. Indeed, efficiency is a mindset: take the time to think about what is necessary, and what could be sidestepped.
  • Always start with the passive tasks: the one you can delegate or requesting further delay. The other stakeholders involved in your project will be able to start working on their tasks while you will be working on yours (the “active” tasks).
  • Exploit your biological prime time, the moment in a day you reach the heights of creativity and motivation, to complete your most important tasks.

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Put the customer first

Quentin, our Head of Sales, shared his best tips to improve customer satisfaction. Acquire a new client is from 7 to 10 times more expensive than retaining an existing one”, reminds Quentin. Reactivity is one of the basics to meet your client’s needs: our customer-facing teams gathered some advice on how to enhance customer awareness.

  • Set up shortcuts to answer your emails: whenever you do not have the time to answer a customer request, program a reminder in your email messaging system to do it later and make sure you will not forget.
  • Clarify your emails and always think that your goal is to accelerate further exchanges. You have to be as clear as possible to avoid unnecessary answers.
  • Give your customers a way to provide feedback. Not only will you discover touchpoints and skills that need improvement, but your customers will see that your firm provides top-notch, proactive customer service.

Go digital

There are several digital tools that can save you a lot of time via simple actions. Taylor, our Growth Marketer, listed some of them for our asset managers guests:

  • Trello, a project management tool that can help you remain organised, share information with colleagues and classify your notes by categories to quickly search for specific items.
  • Microsoft Flow or Zapier, to connect several applications and get an an automated weekly report of your on-going projects.
  • Keyboard shortcuts to accelerate the way you type, navigate in your documents or switch from one tool to another.

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Design serving efficiency

To close out the morning, Elise, our Head of Graphic Studio and Julien Sanson, Head of Corporate Communications at Tikehau Capital, intervened about the importance of design to be more efficient. Elise highlighted the 3 essential steps to organise an information in design: rank the information, structure it and give a meaning.

She quoted Victor Hugo – “Style is the substance of the subject called unceasingly to the surface” – to underline the importance of the way the information is handled to the recipient: in one word, it goes back to create order out of chaos.

Julien Sanson illustrated her words with Tikehau’s business case. In order to clarify the identity of the brand before the company’s initial public offering, Tikehau engaged in strategic reflection about its graphic charter. The goal was to better explain what Tikehau was, and what Tikehau did.

As a result, Julien participated in the overhaul of the brand: a new logo was designed to accompany the international development of the company, a new graphic charter was implemented to reflect Tikehau’s identity, personality and differentiating factor. Thanks to this renewal, Tikehau homogenised its speech, image and communication supports. It supported the company’s rising growth and improved employee’s adoption of unified documents as well as customer satisfaction.

Thank you to our guests and speakers for this great first edition. We look forward to organise a second round!

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