Breakfast Highlights: How to increase your efficiency at work to focus on high value-added tasks?

In the finance industry, efficiency is a must. Luckily, at UpSlide, it is our core business to help you be efficient! That is why we gathered speakers from banks and investment firms in our New-York offices, to discuss this key topic during a breakfast. It gave us the opportunity to discuss the good practice and tools that are worth implementing with experts from large financial companies such as Lloyds Bank. How to make design a core capability that drives efficiency? What tools should you implement to gain operational efficiency? How to streamline processes? Here are the highlights of this convivial morning around time-saving tips.

How Design Drives Efficiency

Julia O’Brien, VP Communication at Lloyds Bank, opened the discussions by reminding us of the importance of design to be more efficient. Indeed, a powerful brand will be more clearly identified by the customers and convey the right messages at the right time – the successful recipe to win the customer’s hearts.
She came back on Lloyds Bank’s brand evolution to explain the main benefits of a strong identity:

Ensure homogeneity between all the internal and external communications;

Provide consistency and unity across the company;

Secure the visibility and notoriety of the company from the customer’s point of view;

Ensure credibility through the unique values of the brand.

“As we moved past the financial crisis, we needed to evolve our identity”, shared Julia. The revision of Lloyds Bank’s strategic plan allowed them to develop a multi-brand company to better meet the customer expectations and build a more effective communication. The new identity was developed with a design agency that also worked on internal toolkits and assets to ensure adoption within the company.

Julia O'Brien, Lloyds

As a result, Lloyds Bank implemented a new graphic charter to reflect its identity, personality and differentiating features. Thanks to this renewal, Lloyds Bank homogenised its speech, image and communication supports. It supported the company’s challenges like their commitment to Britain and improved employee’s adoption of unified documents as well as customer satisfaction.


“Efficiency is a necessity”

Geoffrey Chaumatte, as a Chief of Staff at a top international bank, focused on his challenges to retain talents, and especially millennials, by using productive tools and spreading an innovative spirit firmwide. He particularly insisted on the importance of developing efficient, innovative solutions to meet the new clients’ needs and stay ahead of the game.

“Significant changes are ongoing in the banking industry to modernize the way we work”, said Geoffrey.

This strategy rests partly on the automation of low value-added tasks. Geoffrey mentioned examples of optimized processes that can easily be automated like “well-thought Excel spreadsheet”, “organized mailbox” or “innovative tools, like UpSlide or Tableau”.

“Efficiency can be an HR tool”, he said. The objective for the company is to free junior bankers from low-value tasks and to refocus on impactful and higher value-added topics.

Less clicks, more value

Clement B., Investment Manager at a big fund, closed the discussions. He emphasized that his daily job involved a lot of Microsoft Office skills whereas he would prefer to focus on his deals analysis.

He identified some major pain points: How to create flawless presentations and investment memos? How to link safely Excel data to a presentation? How to create fancy graphs? He advised relying on automation to tackle these uninteresting but time-consuming tasks, and to focus on analysis instead.

Quote Clément B.

He argued that solutions like Microsoft add-ons would also ensure the consistency of the brand image by using PowerPoint templates and sharing compliant corporate contents in a common library… and all that in a few clicks!

“One thing is certain: sharing experiences and collect experts feedback is always efficient”, concluded Antoine Vettes, our CEO.

Thank you to our guests and speakers for this great first edition in New-York. Stay tuned for the second round!

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