CES 2018: 3 innovations revolutionizing the Future of Work

“Get ready for more whoa than ever before!” That’s the promise CES 2018 opened with, and indeed the biggest technology trade fair of the year wowed us! For a week, the Consumer Electronics Show lighted up Las Vegas. Putting aside the fact that the “C” stands for Consumer, we spotted so many B2B innovations that we are wondering to what extent it could be renamed “BES”… Here is our selection; and frankly, we are quite sure it will revolutionize the future of work with more agility and efficiency. Let’s dig into an exciting new workplace…

1. Bring mindfulness to the workplace

Happiness at work was one of the themes highlighted on January 10th in Las Vegas. The company Zappos has partnered with the singer Jewel to launch Whole Human, a start-up that focuses on employee health and well-being.

“It will be the next frontier of corporate culture”, explained the ambassador of the project. “It isn’t a more elegant trap to keep people at work by doing their dry cleaning and walking their dogs.”

One of Whole Human’s missions will be to spread the idea that technology is not a threat but an opportunity for the employees. They will finally be able to focus on more added-value tasks and embrace their creativity rather than wasting their time unnecessarily on mind-numbing tasks.

For example, Whole Human will offer courses on how to have less anxiety, improve communications skills or better health. The final goal is to promote mindfulness and happiness within the corporate environment but also school students, to educate the workers of tomorrow.

At UpSlide, we strongly believe that ground-breaking technologies are meant to help people work better: with more efficiency, higher productivity and, most of all, with pleasure!

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2. Reinventing the meeting of tomorrow

You have a major presentation coming ahead and nothing is working as it should: your computer is lagging, the file has suddenly disappeared from your USB drive and you cannot manage to project your presentation on the screen. Rings a bell? It does for us at UpSlide! Jules and his team of UpSlide Product Experts often face this situation when performing Microsoft Office trainings at clients’ offices. Luckily for Jules, at CES, innovative brains have already thought about the best ways to make his life easier by improving the old-fashioned concept of meeting!

Mirabook, Lokly and LG screen at CES

With Mirabook, you won’t need a PC anymore. This accessory is designed to give your smartphone the full capacities of a laptop, anywhere and anytime. You simply dock your smartphone to a computer, a TV screen or a tablet to transform it into a complete notebook centralizing all his data. What a relief!

Your presentation is also safely stored on Lokly, the new generation USB drive that enables you to easily transfer and store data. In case of loss or theft, you immediately receive an alert from the smartphone app, taking the stress out of your meeting.

Finally, you can bring with you the ultimate display for a perfect presentation: a 65-inch 4K OLED screen that can be rolled up into tube form! No trick behind this beyond imagination innovation, the rollable display matches the high picture quality of any regular screen and is way easier to carry. It seems like LG has just found the perfect solution for any business meetings, pitch or demo…

3. The future of computing

CES 2018 also gave a glimpse into the mind-blowing future of computing, going way further than the latest processor. The start-up Blade introduced Shadow, a high-performance cloud-based dematerialized computer. The Shadow box is the only necessary accessory! Users can access Shadow through a very high-speed Internet connection and an app, from any device – computer, tablet, smartphone or even connected TV. Shadow gives a new perspective to mobility and home-office: no need for any hardware, long-distance connection nor upgrades!

The Shadow Box presented at CES

Even more futuristic: Intel CEI Brian Krzanich announced that the company has created a quantum computer chip. The idea is to use quantum physics to solve problems that are impossible on today’s supercomputers.

“Quantum computing represents a completely different approach to computing. This technology will be able to solve problems that are insurmountable today”, Krzanich said.

This kind of power computing will allow companies to enter a new era of projects and gain more speed and efficiency that they could ever have imagined.

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