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Excel-PowerPoint Link: robust and flexible


Estimated productivity gains: 12h/month

The Excel-PowerPoint link allows you to export Excel tables or charts in a single click. Your source data changes? A mouse click is all it takes to update the linked Excel parts of your PowerPoint presentation. Thanks to this feature, users save up to 12h/month!

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Library: access all your up-to-date content directly from Office



The shared library gives you access to your branded and up-to-date corporate slides, logos, resumes, tables and graphs directly from PowerPoint, Excel or Word. Looking for a corporate slide to build your pitch? A keyword is enough to find it, and you don’t even have to leave Office!

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Slide Check: ensure documents are aesthetically perfect



The Slide Check reviews your document to make sure the slides are up-to-date and the layout is flawless. Need a last review before sending your presentation? Ensure compliance of your content and correct typos just by clicking on the Slide Check button.

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Table of Contents: a smart, automated presentation structure


Estimated productivity gains: 4h/month

The table of contents helps you structure your presentations in a smart way: automate the summary, sections and appendices and ensure the compliance with your corporate identity. A last-minute modification? With one click, ensure all page numbers, section titles and footers are up-to-date.

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50+ features based on your needs


Access to a centralized deal database directly from PowerPoint

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Create branded stacked Waterfall and Marimekko as you would insert a bar chart, in one click

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Power BI link

Automatically create perfect looking PowerPoint presentations from your Power BI data

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You are in good company

  • Trainings

    Training and setup by a dedicated Consultant

    A dedicated Client Solutions Consultant audits your internal processes and understands your use cases to propose you a personalized solution. We customize Office with your visual identity, and we support and train your teams during the project with concrete use cases to help you get everyone on board and ensure the successful adoption of UpSlide.

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  • Studio

    Design by Studio

    Our Graphic Designers place their Microsoft Office expertise at your service to help you rethink your visual identity, create tailor-made visuals in PowerPoint, Excel and Word and redesign existing documents (slides, newsletters, templates…). We help you build awareness around the best practices and use of your new brand identity through design training sessions and support materials.

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  • Support

    IT Support by our in-house team

    Our Technical Support ensures the implementation of the tool in your IT environment and collaborates with your ISD throughout the project in the respect of your internal IT processes. After the roll out, we provide you with an unlimited Support service and help your users solve any issue they may face in their use of UpSlide.

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