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Formatting made easy

Perfect your presentations with our PowerPoint formatting tools. Do you struggle with the positioning of your objects and pictures, spending hours trying to align elements and make them fit perfectly? UpSlide’s smart formatting features make formatting effortless.


The Arrange feature allows you to select items and perfectly position them on your PowerPoint with equal spacing, with the option to spread them across your desired number of slides. It also suggests layout options to give you even more design ideas and increase flexibility!



This tool makes swapping two elements around simpler and smoother than ever before! With two positioning options, you can choose to swap them from the center point or top left-hand corner.

Smart Painter

Instantly apply the specific format of any one element to another. Whether you’re applying the size of one object to multiple objects on the same slide, or the exact positioning of it to objects on separate slides – simply click to transfer that format to the other components! It can be used across different PowerPoint presentations too.

  • UpSlide Fan 1

    UpSlide is a clean and easy-to-use tool that allows to create delightful, highly professional and more eye-catching presentations.

    Ludovic Dubrana
    Director, Hedging Strategy Development, AXA US
  • UpSlide Fan 3

    UpSlide is a must-have add-in for an optimized use of Microsoft Office. It really increases efficiency. You can’t get enough of it!

    Guillaume Barnabé
    Chief Financial Officer, SPIE









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