Have you met Pyramid?

Do you know what “Pyramid” is to UpSlide? When we asked our clients last week, they imagined Pyramid was: a video game, a sculpture, a TV show, an Egyptian restaurant, a password!
Pyramid is none of the above, even if we do applaud their creativity.

Pyramid is the name of a Group of individuals accomplishing a mission: Help People Work Better.
This Group is composed of UpSlide and another team that has always shared the same mission – and the same office, and the seminars, and the sports sessions: Finance 3.1‘s team.
Pyramid is the officialization of the happy bond between the two entities: UpSlide and Finance 3.1!

Our Pyramid Group (UpSlide + Finance 3.1) is composed of Microsoft Office experts – the most used software in corporate organizations. We develop solutions to empower Professionals. For Pyramid, helping them work better means: more efficiently, more qualitatively and with pleasure.

UpSlide enhances Microsoft Office, allowing Finance Professionals to produce perfect documents faster while Finance 3.1 develops Excel & Power BI decision-making tools. Whoever you meet in our Pyramid teams, you will find the same passion and you will also recognize the same values in the way we interact with you.

If you want to work with Finance 3.1, visit our website here and get in touch!


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[…] those of you who are not familiar with the story of Pyramid, it’s the name of a Group made up of two entities sharing the same mission, office, seminars, […]