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Export and update your Excel content to PowerPoint

Wave goodbye to copy-pasting!
The link from Excel to PowerPoint simplifies the export of your Excel charts, tables, text and figures in PowerPoint and Word. Your source data changes? A mouse click is all it takes to update the linked Excel parts of your PowerPoint presentation. Thanks to this feature, users save up to 12h/month!

Work safely thanks to our unbreakable link

The UpSlide link is smart: it automatically identifies the location of the source data and retrieves it! If you wish to update with an old Excel version, this is not a problem as the history of links are saved.
The Excel-to-PowerPoint link is also robust: it resists to source file changes including filename, folder and versioning.
You renamed, moved or worked on several versions of the Excel source file? You can still update the linked Excel parts of your documents in a blink of an eye!

Secure your Excel data

The source data is exported to PowerPoint as an enhanced metafile, which keeps the file size under control and ensures the security of the data even if you send across the PowerPoint file.

Link Excel to Word

You can also export your Excel charts, tables, text and figures to Microsoft Word to avoid copy-pasting when creating your documents.

  • UpSlide Fan 1

    UpSlide: the fastest and most secure way from Excel to PowerPoint.

    Thierry Boutin
    Head of Forecasting Global Marketing, Sanofi
  • UpSlide Fan 2

    UpSlide definitely helped us improve our way of working. Thanks to UpSlide, we save a lot of time in Excel and PowerPoint. It’s a very reliable tool ensuring data accuracy and efficient internal processes.

    Julia O’Brien
    Senior Vice President Marketing Communications, Lloyds Bank
  • UpSlide Fan 3

    UpSlide allows us to save significant amounts of time, when we use Excel or PowerPoint.

    Jean-Sébastien Rabus
    Senior Manager, Eight Advisory

The guarantees of the Link



of the updates of your Microsoft Excel charts, tables and text



of the Excel source data linked in PowerPoint



of the size of your PowerPoint presentations

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