Modeling Tools

Build, navigate, and review even the most complex financial models quickly and easily.
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Save time building and auditing financial models with intuitive tools


Ensure financial models are consistent, accurate and contain zero errors


Work better with teammates when reviewing financial models

Build high-quality financial models in less time

Reduce the time spent creating financial models by:

  • Adding formulas to multiple cells at once with a single click (Using IfError, Fast Fill Right/Down)
  • Enjoying hassle-free copy and pasting of existing formulas (Using Advanced Paste)
  • Easily navigating your model to find and fix errors (Using Smart Track)

Audit complex models with ease

Reviewing large workbooks doesn’t have to be difficult. Quickly understand the structure of a financial model by:

  • Easily navigating through your different workbooks (Using Explorer)
  • Applying temporary styles to better understand the different cell types (Using Autocolor)
  • Tracking all precedents and dependents with ease (Using Smart Track)

Instantly apply company branding to tables and charts in Excel

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Optimize and finalize your financial model

Clean and Prepare your workbook before sending by removing unnecessary metadata and unused styles, and guaranteeing file size is kept to a minimum.


Plus, add an intuitive Table of Contents so people can easily navigate your model.

  • UpSlide is mainly designed for teams who frequently use the Microsoft Office suite and in particular investment banking teams. Most of their time focuses on creating PowerPoint presentations featuring complex Excel models. The business management teams, working on reporting, are also keen users.

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    Julien Polenne
    Head of IB Transformation, BNP Paribas CIB EMEA
  • UpSlide is a game-changer for us. Especially the Modeling Tools, which help us build, navigate and audit our clients’ models much faster. It accelerates all the recurring tasks, like formatting tables and numbers, adding IFERRORs, and deleting unused ranges and names.

    Cyril de Poncins
    Financial Modeling Consultant, F31 UK
  • The time saved with UpSlide is immense, on average it’s in excess of six hours per report we create. Colliers creates and issues over 500 valuation reports nationally per quarter, so the value-add for our business is unbelievable.

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    Jennifer Bailey
    Operations Manager, Valuation & Advisory Services