Top 2020 blog posts on Excel’s new formulas

Last year, Microsoft released Excel 2019 for Windows. The latest update to Excel comes with many enhancements and new features (functions, charts, visuals, etc.).
In this blog post, we selected the best blog articles about six new Excel formulas that will help you save a lot of time! From XLOOKUP to SWITCH and IFS, certainly one of these new Excel functions will improve your everyday life on Excel.

Excel formula #1: XLOOKUP

If you’re an Excel afficionado, you won’t have missed last year’s XLOOKUP formula! It’s basically the replacement function for Excel LOOKUP and INDEX + MATCH functions.
As of early 2020, XLOOKUP is still a beta feature available for Office365 subscribers who have signed up to be an Office Insider. If you’re interested in learning more, check out the articles below:

  • How to use the XLOOKUP function in Microsoft Excel by How to Geek: this post reviews the main benefits of the Excel feature and is a good introduction to understand it.
  • XLOOKUP by How to Excel: a complete article about the formula including a video tutorial so you can start practicing.
  • XLOOKUP explained by Excel Campus: this post details the pros and cons of the formula and also comes with a video explanation.
  • XLOOKUP examples by Chandoo: here the famous blogger shows you how to can get the function in Excel and suggests that you download an example workbook to start using XLOOKUP.

*French equivalent = RECHERCHEX

Excel formula #2: CONCAT

The next function is an improved version of the key formula CONCATENATE. It’s basically the same as the original, but it now allows you to take whole ranges of cells into account! (as well as saving you 5 keystrokes!).
If you’re keen to learn the CONCAT formula, here are the best resources:

  • The CONCAT function by Excel Buddy: a simple article that goes straight to the essentials of syntax and basic examples.
  • The CONCAT function by Spreadsheet Web: another short post showing the differences between the former formula CONCATENATE and the new.
  • CONCAT VS. CONCATENATE VS. TEXTJOIN by Sheetzoom: a good comparison between all Excel text combining functions.

*French equivalent = CONCAT

Excel formula #3: TEXTJOIN

As you may have guessed, TEXTJOIN is also a new text combining formula. Its main advantage is that you can apply the same separator (i.e. space or coma) for a whole range of cells!
Get familiar with the TEXTJOIN formula with this great quality content:

*French equivalent = JOINDRE.TEXTE

Excel formula #4: IFS

Finally, the end of nested IF statements! The IFS formula simplifies multi-conditional functions thanks to an easy syntax. On top of that, it also reduces errors due to formula length and complexity.
Discover the IFS formula by reading these pages:

  • IFS formula in Excel by My Excel Online: this post teaches you how to build the IFS formula thanks to a specific example explained step by step.
  • IFS function by Spreadsheet Web: a similar article to the above one with some extra tips.
  • IFS function by Microsoft Office Support: two more useful examples to understand IFS.

*French equivalent = SI.CONDITIONS

Excel formula #5: MINIFS & MAXIFS

MINIFS and MAXIFS are two different functions, but we decided to gather them as they are very similar. They both enable you to find the greater/lower value of a range according to your chosen criteria. Get more details in these informative blog posts:

*French equivalent = MIN.SI / MAX.SI.ENS

Excel formula #6: SWITCH

This Excel formula is an alternative to IFS and CHOOSE functions. It is great when you need to return a specific result according to your chosen criteria.
These well-made articles will teach you the SWITCH formula:

  • SWITCH formula by Excel Tutorial: this article shows basic formula usage with an easy example, animated with GIFs.
  • CHOOSE or SWITCH by Excel University: this post helps you understand the difference between the two functions.
  • SWITCH function by Spreadsheet Web: here’s a clear breakdown of the formula’s arguments that comes with some tips too.

*French equivalent = SI.MULTIPLE

BONUS: Top Excel formulas videos 2020

If you’re more into videos, we also selected the best videos about these new Excel formulas:

XLOOKUP formula videos

We highly recommend the videos made by the well-known Leila Gharani from Xelplus:

If you want to go further, you can also watch these two videos about XLOOKUP:

Excel 2019 new formulas video

This video is perfect if you want a quick overview of all the functions we’ve spoken about (except XLOOKUP which was released after the new version of Excel).
In 10 minutes, you will find out the essentials, thanks to this great video by How to Excel blog:

If you want to learn more, have a look at this video by MyExcelOnline about latest array formulas:

Tell us in comments what your favorite formula is!

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Thanks for the great article. The fact is that for the new functions to work, we had to change the way Excel works. Before the advent of Dynamic Array Functions (DAF), the user essentially could not reference a range of cells in one cell. Rather, he could have referred, but, let’s say, such links worked in very limited cases. However, in fairness, it should be noted that everything started with array formulas, it just evolved in DAF, which can be indirectly judged from Microsoft’s messages that array formulas will be left in Excel for compatibility. By the way, you can… Read more »


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