Our new look

A new visual identity, more innovative and striking

For 10 years, UpSlide has been helping finance professionals work better on the Microsoft Office suite.


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This new graphic identity reflects our expertise in technology; having added Power BI to the Microsoft solutions we offer our clients, we are pioneers of the new interactive and digitalized financial report.

We also wish to further showcase our design expertise, to be an impressive and inspiring brand for our clients.

Finally, our new graphic identity codes reflect our unique philosophy and culture, in a time of dynamic international growth.



Antoine Vettes & Philippe Chazalon – Co-founders

Our new codes

UpSlide’s new colors are more contemporary and dynamic, reflecting our three pillars: Technology, Finance and Design, whilst working seamlessly with the Microsoft Office brand.

The Bolt represents the key principles of our values:

  • Productivity
  • Creativity
  • A reminder of UpSlide’s old triangles

It is the centerpiece of our new identity and will appear on UpSlide ribbons in PowerPoint, Excel, Word and Power BI.

Our colors


#FF4648 – 255/70/72 – 0/82/58/0

For us, working better means working efficiently, obtaining exceptional results and enjoying the process. Carmine reflects the pleasure we want to bring back into our work.


#333333 – 51/51/51 – 70/60/56/68

Anthracite conveys our value of trust. As a software publisher, we want to provide our customers with reliability and stability.


#0078E5 – 0/120/229 – 100/48/0/10

Blue, a traditional finance color, is the long-standing UpSlide color, and links us to our core business. It is also the color that symbolizes our third value: excellence.


#FDCF09 – 253/207/9 – 0/20/97/0

Yellow is used as a contrasting color. It is also the link between UpSlide and its sister company, F31, under the umbrella of the Pyramid Group.


From #FF4B2B to #FF416C

The gradient is used as the main brand color, both in the logo and on our materials, bringing the energy and creativity that makes UpSlide a unique company.


It was important for us to include our clients in this graphic redesign project.
As our best ambassadors, who better to make sure that the development is in line with their perception and their expectations of UpSlide?
They were present at every step of the project and contributed to its success!



My first impression on this new visual identity was very good! The logo is more playful, less rigid. I like a lot!


Rodolphe Quennec
Manager, Transaction Services

One company, three pillars,
a wealth of possibilities

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