Let’s give the floor to our power users!

A few weeks ago, we held a breakfast in our London offices to host a roundtable discussion among our power users and introduce them to UpSlide 6.4. Our guests shared their top tips for a successful UpSlide deployment at large and small organizations.

Power User Breakfast

First, what is a power user?

power user is someone who masters the most advanced features of the software and has a strong interest in increasing the benefits of the tool for their team, by collecting feedback from other users and sharing their best practices with them.

Here are the three top tips shared during the morning:

1. Deployment and adoption

According to our power users, effective deployment and a good adoption rate are key to ensure the success of an UpSlide project. Indeed, breaking the habits can be challenging and people sometimes show resistance to change. “People generally don’t like what they don’t know“, said one of our users from KPMG.

How can make your colleagues adopt a new tool, then? When implementing UpSlide within their team, our attendees put in place very effective strategies:

  1. First, having a tech champion within the IT team is invaluable. They “help you make the adoption smooth“, according to an attendee from Citi, who experienced success through this system.
  2. Some of our clients also implemented a ‘power user model’. The objective: target one person in a team, show him/her the features in-depth and then use their enthusiasm to help get the whole team on board. As highlighted by one user from CBRE, “it is important to have a small number of people leading changes”. UpSlide Consultants advise on the best way of structuring and managing your power user model based on your own existing knowledge sharing initiatives – or structures within your organization.

2. Library management

Having an efficient Library management system when many different people submit their slides to be included is key. Inputs coming from various streams can make it challenging to keep the Library updated and well-organized.

Our power users recommend to strategically organize the administration of the Library. Administrators guarantee the quality of information available in the Library. One way to ensure the Library is always up-to-date is to make it part of the admins’ job description and provide some dedicated time for it.

Your dedicated UpSlide Consultant is also always available to discuss the organization and content structure as your business needs change!

Power User Presentation

3. Onboarding new joiners

User onboarding is a good way to boost adoption. Large organizations have their own onboarding process that may include specific training, mentoring and other ways to share knowledge. The best way to make newcomers adopt the solution is to include UpSlide training in the company’s general onboarding.

However, even if it’s not the case, you can always use some materials to onboard them:

  • The quick start guide included in the Library (just type “user guide” in the Library search bar) or available on our support site.

UpSlide Library feature

  • The help button leading to UpSlide support (click the Help button and select “UpSlide Help”) where you can explore all features.

UpSlide Help Button

  • The initial onboarding is also an easy way to get started with UpSlide (the first time you activate your license or choose “General onboarding” at the bottom of the Help drop-down menu).

General Onboarding Button

  • The new video tutorials can teach users how to benefit from our main features, step by step.

E-learning videos

Many thanks to our guests and speakers for attending this insightful breakfast.

We hope this will help you and your teams to get to grips with UpSlide!

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