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A reliable, flexible way to export Power BI visuals and pages to PowerPoint. Help your teams adopt Power BI by combining the best of both tools!
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Accelerate the creation and updating of your presentations


Preserve the safety of your data and only share what you choose to with your recipient


Reduce mistakes made due to manual, recurring updates

Easily export Power BI pages and visuals

Automatically generate perfect looking PowerPoint presentations from your Power BI data.

Access your Power BI reports and dashboards directly from PowerPoint, choose the visuals you need and insert them in just a few clicks.

No more copying and pasting! Reduce time spent on low value-added tasks so you can focus on your core activities.

Update your data directly from PowerPoint

Update your entire presentation or specific visuals with the latest data in seconds! By simply clicking the ‘Update Links’ button, you can be sure the data in your presentation is always up-to-date.

Updating reports has never been easier!

Present both Power BI and Excel data in PowerPoint

Some of your data is also on Excel? No worries!

You can easily import your Excel data into PowerPoint with our Excel-PowerPoint link!

With both our Excel and Power BI links, you can create and update your presentations with visuals coming from different sources.

  • To be able to import Power BI graphs and charts into PowerPoint is simply life-changing! All the formatting and writing can be done in PowerPoint, it really saves me a lot of time.

    Julien Hornac​
    Financial Controller, Finexsi​
  • I used to spend hours formatting Power BI reports with unsatisfaying results for reporting teams used to PowerPoint’s flexibility. Now they use their usual PowerPoint formatting and update data at anytime. We can focus on building reports!

    Pauline Jouffret
    Power BI Consultant, Finance 3.1​
  • UpSlide is used by 800 users in more than 50 countries by financial and tax advisors alike. It makes it easy to collaborate on international projects and ensure group-wide consistency.

    Théophile Redaud
    Théophile Redaud
    M&A Senior Manager, Mazars