The all-in-one PowerPoint automation tool

Manually creating PowerPoint decks is a thing of the past. Streamline your document creation process and automate everything from slide formatting to data retrieval and proofing.
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Eliminate manual tasks and focus on the real work at hand


Cut document creation time by 75% in PowerPoint


Reduce human error and guarantee data accuracy across all slides


Build best-practice, on-brand presentations with ease

End-to-end automation to help you build better decks, faster

1. Build your presentation in a few clicks

Get started with a selection of PowerPoint Templates at your fingertips, pre-built to your brand requirements. Or use the Template Generator to automatically build a deck tailored to your brand, department and language. Templates are managed by your internal UpSlide administrator.


Then, structure your presentation in one click with our automated Table of Contents. This will update across the deck whenever you add, delete or move sections and sub-sections.

2. Source up-to-date content with ease

Access pre-approved slides, images and text disclaimers from the shared Content Library within PowerPoint. The structure can be tailored to your team’s workflow for easy navigation.


Select and insert pre-formatted credentials (sourced from your CRM or a dedicated Excel file) from within PowerPoint with the Dynamic Tombstone and Dynamic Bio Libraries.


Your admins can enjoy easy management of credentials and deployment of company-wide formatting updates.




3. Retrieve and update data in seconds

Link tables, charts and text from Excel to PowerPoint to guarantee your data is up-to-date with every presentation. Update linked items in one click without ever leaving PowerPoint.


Plus, access and filter your Power BI dashboards directly within PowerPoint. Link selected visuals or whole pages from Power BI to PowerPoint and update them instantly.


To create recurring reports, simply duplicate your deck and hit the Update button to accurately pull through the most current data.

4. Perfect your presentation and prepare it to share

Proof your presentation in minutes, not hours, with Slide Check. Identify and fix easily-missed errors such as empty placeholders, misaligned shapes, incorrect branding and out-of-date content.


Congratulations! Your flawless PowerPoint deck is now ready to share.

What our clients say

We’ve cut the time spent on pitch creation by up to 75% by using UpSlide.

Before UpSlide, we would spend two hours creating an initial pitch. Now, we can create that same highly customized pitch in 30 minutes or less.


Benton Sturt


The Excel to PowerPoint Link enables our bankers to amend figures in an Excel spreadsheet and then update all linked tables and charts in PowerPoint with one click.

This guaranteed accuracy is key when working in financial services.


Joanna Osborne
Head of Marketing


There are always expectations for high-quality output in our work.

UpSlide’s Content Library helps junior bankers find the ‘latest and greatest’ best-practice templates from within PowerPoint, to ensure this level of quality is maintained across all deliverables.


Ruari Sinclair
Vice President


Recommended by 850+ teams in 60+ countries

  • AXA IM
  • Citi

They trust UpSlide every day

  • UpSlide’s Power BI to PowerPoint Link boosts our data reliability, the quality of our analysis and our overall work satisfaction. By eliminating manual updates, we can spend more time on analysis, which in turn facilitates decision-making.

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    David Doucet
    Scrum Master, Procurement BI Team
  • UpSlide frees up time to concentrate on the real pitching activity. It eliminates the time spent organising the pitch, checking and proofing – you can rest assured that part is done correctly and instead concentrate on idea generation and adding value.

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    Peter Dieler
    Associate Director, DCM
  • UpSlide allows us to focus on the most important parts of our jobs. It runs seamlessly in the background and is intuitive to use. UpSlide is so integrated into our processes now that you forget it’s even an add-in!

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    Aakash Kotak
  • Our Corporate Finance teams rely on UpSlide on a daily basis, linking their Excel data to their PowerPoint reports to ensure they contain up-to-the-minute information. And what’s more, it’s easier than ever to make sure all our documents look consistent and on-brand.

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    Erin Sutton
    Operations Manager
  • UpSlide is by far the best software that we’ve experienced; not only is it so user-friendly, but the sophistication of the software is far beyond what we’ve come across previously. It’s refreshing to use features that are so bespoke to financial services.

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    Joanna Osborne
    Head of Marketing
  • Thanks to UpSlide’s Excel to PowerPoint Link, we can finally spend more time on reporting and analysis instead of collecting and checking figures.

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    Thibaut de Clerck
    Head of Management Control
  • At DC Advisory, we are proud to be demanding in terms of the quality, accuracy, and consistency of our deliverables; UpSlide is one of the solutions that helped us to achieve all this.

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    Virgine Leffort
    Senior IT Manager
  • UpSlide has saved time for everyone in the business and freed up capacity. The marketing team is no longer bogged down with formatting and auditing slides; UpSlide’s Slide Check takes care of that for us in a fraction of the time.

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    Samantha Cottle
    Marketing Director