PowerPoint Slide Converter

The easiest and fastest way to rebrand all your PowerPoint slides. Change aspect ratios, color schemes and layouts within minutes.
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Save time by easily and efficiently converting slide designs in PowerPoint


Ensure presentations are brand compliant and converted correctly


Give your team the tools to rebrand slides independently

Convert slides or whole presentations in a few clicks

Rebranding all PowerPoint materials against a tight deadline? Don’t let native copy-paste slow you down.


Effortlessly transform slides into a new graphic charter, be it yours, external clients’ or internal subsidiaries’.

Avoid distortions when resizing slides

Easily change the aspect ratios of your PowerPoint slides from 16:9 to 4:3, or vice versa.


Prevent content from being stretched, compressed or becoming poor quality.

Discover how to perfectly format your PowerPoint slides in a few clicks

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Accurately convert slide elements

Worried about overlooking minor slide elements? We’ll ensure you maintain high quality and brand compliance by correctly converting:

  • bullet points
  • fonts
  • placeholders
  • footers

And more!

Optimize conversion for multiple slides at once

Make fast adjustments to slides en masse. Fine-tune your PowerPoint slide layouts and color schemes so that you get the best conversion results.

  • UpSlide’s Slide Converter enabled me to convert thousands of my clients’ slides within a few hours. Before now, this task would have taken me weeks. Plus, the result was much higher quality.

    Amelie Pantaelone
    Managing Graphic Designer, UpSlide
  • UpSlide acts as an additional member of our marketing team – one that we can trust to guarantee that our global teams will produce brand-compliant, high-quality deliverables.

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    Samantha Cottle
    Marketing Director, Clarksons
  • Any business considering a rebrand needs a tool like UpSlide. It played a key role in our visual transformation. There’s no point in having a flawless new visual identity if your teams haven’t got the tools to start implementing it right away.

    Sonal Hirani
    Marketing Director, Forensic Risk Alliance