UpSlide release: Welcome to version 6.4!

New features, new design, new user interface (UI) and user experience (UX)… Our Dev and Product teams worked on a brand-new version of UpSlide to keep helping our users work better in Microsoft Office. Ready for version 6.4? Here are all the innovations you will find in this release.

1. Brand-new UX and UI

Following the redesign of the Office icons a few months ago, our Dev and Studio teams worked together to make the UpSlide icons evolve. The new look and feel is simpler and more modern while remaining familiar – just as the Office design overhaul.

We also changed the UpSlide ribbon interface to integrate some top Office native buttons. The goal is to avoid redundant and time-consuming shifts from one ribbon to another. The new UI offers our users easy access to all their favourite features, helping them save even more time in PowerPoint, Excel and Word.

UpSlide New ribbon

2. New Library

You can now find all your contents (slides, text boxes, logos, etc.) under a unique “Library” button. The user interface in PowerPoint, Excel and Word was redesigned to simplify the use of the Library. You can now:

  • Visualize all the slides of a presentation before inserting it in PowerPoint;
  • Use the full-text search engine to find what you are looking for: the search engine is now able to scan all your contents, and not just the titles of the slides;
  • Drag and drop your slides in a presentation to insert them.

New UpSlide Library

3. Cross-References

Let us introduce you to the new feature of the UpSlide ribbon: Cross-References!


The Cross-References feature allows you to insert a hyperlink from one specific place in your presentation to another, in a dynamic, automated way. For example: refer to the title of a slide by inserting a cross-reference. You can choose how to display your reference (number of the slide, title of the slide or customized display).

Cross References pane

Here is the best part: whether you move or rename a slide you’re referring to, the hyperlink will automatically update (by clicking on the “Refresh” button”). Don’t worry about updating references anymore!

4. Finalize


Is your PowerPoint presentation finished? The new “Finalize” button makes sure your presentation is ready for sharing by allowing you to:

  • Refresh your presentation to update your table of contents, sections and footers;
  • Remove hyperlinks representing cross-references and text exports from your PowerPoint presentation;
  • Break links with your Excel tables, charts or text exports. Following this action, you will no longer be able to update links anymore and the data will not be embedded in your presentation;
  • Choose to save it as a PDF rather than a .pptx file.

Finalize pane

Want to learn more about these new features? Read our detailed guides about Cross-References and Finalize.

We hope you will enjoy this release and are looking forward to showing you the next one!

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3 years ago

Hi, I need version 6.4. How can i get that? Please let me know.

Edouard Ouaknine
3 years ago
Reply to  Aslam

Hi Aslam,
Thanks for your comment.
Usually the update is done automatically. If not, we recommand you to ask your administrator.
Please contact us at if you don’t know who your administrator is.

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