Season’s Greetings : 4 productivity apps we love!

As the year is ending, we want to thank four apps that improved our agility in 2017!
At UpSlide, helping people work better is our goal. That is why we are grateful when other companies are also empowering us. Our favorite productivity apps were not invented in 2017, but they helped us work better this year. In case you don’t know about those solutions, enjoy the productivity tips!

Dashlane: Remembering all our passwords is such a pain that Dashlane is a great efficiency tool for our team! Stress and time are saved when we don’t have to look for dozens of passwords every day, one password on Dashlane centralizes them all.

Grammarly: Grammarly is a plugin for Chrome and Firefox that automatically flags common mistakes and suggests corrections as you type. As I am writing this article, I can thank Rob, head of UK at UpSlide, for introducing Grammarly in my life! In addition to common typo mistakes, Grammarly is able to help you with complex grammar errors.

Trello new features: We are huge fans of Trello. All our projects are simplified by this ergonomic and friendly platform. We want to thank Trello for upgrading its features all the time. The button that links directly Outlook to Trello is very useful for example! Also the fact that you can upload any picture from your smartphone’s library to your Trello boards directly.

Lydia:  As simple as an SMS! You can payback that nice colleague who paid the lunch/beer/taxi/farewell gift for you only by texting him/her.


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