Interview: Claire-Marine, UpSlide pioneer in Singapore

Our international journey continues! 10 years after our creation, UpSlide has more than 500 clients all around the world. This January, we opened a new office in Asia.
After working at UpSlide for almost 3 years as a business developer, Claire-Marine flew over to Singapore to launch our office there. Before her departure, we asked her 8 questions so you can learn more about her, our future office and the challenges ahead!

1. Claire-Marine, could you briefly summarize your adventure at UpSlide?

I have been working as a Business Developer at UpSlide for two and a half years now. I started at our headquarters in Paris in 2017. Then I moved to London a year after to face new challenges and help develop the UK market. I really enjoyed the “startup spirit” with small teams and fast growth.
And that’s precisely why I am eager to open the Singapore office! I really want to build an office from the ground up. Plus, I really believe in the Asian market’s interest in UpSlide. It’s a thrilling professional experience!

2. UpSlide already went international, why Singapore and why now?

We already have clients using UpSlide in Singapore and Asia in general: Mazars, KPMG, Natixis, Crédit Agricole, Colliers International, PKF or Ardian. Opening an office in Singapore which is a central hub in APAC will bring us closer to them. I can’t wait to help more people work better in the region! It will also improve our services to existing local users.
Besides, we think now is a good time to open our fifth office to ensure a more global presence.

3. Tell me more about your goals and strategy

My goal is to make this office successful and built upon solid ground for the future.

That means I’ll be focusing on getting new local clients and confirming the potential of the Asian market. Hence, my strategy will be to focus on business acquisition first. The next step is to build a team that embodies our values and ensures the subsidiary’s sustainable growth.

4. What challenges will you or have you already faced?

No major challenges as of yet, but some habits, rules or processes might be different once there, so we have to be ready to adapt. I have in mind the technological differences: their day-to-day tools to communicate, recruit or sell may not be the same as the ones I’m used to.

5. Are you going on your own?

I am going there with Michel, an intern who has been on the Client Solutions team for several months, first in Paris and then London. He will help me launch this adventure. We also have existing clients and local contacts who are already excited that we’re going!

6. Besides London, do you have other experiences abroad?

Yes, I had the chance to study in Hong Kong and Scotland and I also worked in Cambodia and Mexico before.

7. What will you miss the most? Friends, family or food?

I will definitely miss my family and friends the most! But I will also miss my colleagues, whom I learn a lot from. However, nowadays it’s easy to keep in touch and collaborate with other offices thanks to weekly calls, Microsoft Teams, classic emailing or even business trips!

8. Are you ready?

I am super ready! I have wanted this for a long time, and I can’t believe it’s finally happening.

Thank you for your time Claire-Marine. A new adventure is starting for you: all UpSlide teams wish you luck.

If you have some tips for a Frenchie going to Singapore or some questions for Claire-Marine, please leave a comment!
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