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Easily apply your graphic charter to tables and charts on Excel

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Apply your company branding to Excel charts and tables with one click

UpSlide’s Smart Format feature takes care of formatting all elements in Excel. Something to add in to a report last minute? One click is all you need to apply your organisation’s graphic charter to your charts and tables. 

Use advanced personalization in your Excel sheets

Smart Format also gives you access to a range of tools to improve how your data is displayed in Excel.  

For example, you can easily highlight selected rows in your tables thanks to the background color, borders and pre-selected fonts features. 

Achieve brand consistency across all documents

Make your data the colors of your graphic charter in one click. So when you export your tables and charts from Excel to PowerPoint, homogeneity across your materials is guaranteed, and your company brand guidelines followed. 

Easily understand your figures

Clear graphs and well-structured tables make reading and understanding information much easier 

Do you need to give a presentation? Analyse a report? Thanks to faultless formatting, youll never feel lost in a table again! 

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    UpSlide allows us to save significant amounts of time, when we use Excel or PowerPoint.

    Jean-Sébastien Rabus
    Senior Manager, Eight Advisory
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    A powerful and easy-to-use tool, UpSlide is used by 700 users in more than 40 countries by financial and tax advisors alike. It makes it easy to collaborate on international projects and ensures group-wide consistency.

    Théophile Redaud
    M&A Senior Manager, Mazars


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