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Structure your presentations in a smart way with the UpSlide Table of Contents for PowerPoint

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A smart, automated table of contents

The UpSlide table of contents helps you structure your presentations in a smart way: automate the summary, sections and appendices and ensure compliance with your corporate identity. A last-minute modification? With one click, ensure all page numbers, section titles and footers are up-to-date.

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PowerPoint templates

Branded templates

You can easily access your PowerPoint branded templates from the UpSlide ribbon. Every single detail is customizable: logos, colors, fonts, slide structure, etc. No need to copy-paste old slides anymore to ensure the compliance of your theme!

Table of contents

Organize your presentations

Structure your PowerPoint slides by inserting sections, subsections and a summary. UpSlide will automatically update the table of contents every time you add, remove or move a slide.


Page numbers and footers

Thanks to UpSlide, the title and date of your presentation are systematically included in each slide’s footer. It also automates your page numbers and section name.

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    UpSlide is a high value-added tool. It’s a very intuitive software. Automatic table of contents in PowerPoint is a must-have!

    Paco Baldauff
    Marketing Specialist, SYZ Group
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    We used to spend 3 hours to create and update our table of contents. Now we do it in one click.

    Oriane Benveniste Profichet
    M&A Director, Cambon Partners

The guarantees of the Table of Contents



structure and simplified navigation



summary and sections in PowerPoint


Easy update

of your footers, summary and sections

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