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Structure your presentations in a smart way with the PowerPoint Table of Contents by UpSlide. Discover how to insert and update your table of contents slide in one click.

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How to create a table of contents in PowerPoint?

There is no native automatic table of contents in PowerPoint so creating a structured and convincing table of contents needs to be done manually.

You first need to insert in a slide at the beginning of your presentation, then identify the different sections and their page numbers. Designing the page layout is difficult too since you need to make sure that the different elements are perfectly aligned and that your table of contents in PowerPoint is only one or two pages long, depending on what you prefer… And if your page numbers or the names of your titles change, everything needs to be started again from scratch. A significant loss of time and risk of mistakes!

Insert & update your table of contents in one click

UpSlide has designed a revolutionary tool to create a dynamic table of contents in PowerPoint in only one click. Its visual aspect remains the same from one presentation to the other, which makes them homogeneous and reinforces the value of your brand.

If you change the name of some sections or create a new one, the update takes only one click. Refreshing your table of contents and reorganizing your report has never been that simple and accessible.

You can always choose to customize some details: do you want to include sections or sub-sections in it? Show your logo? Use the graphic charter of your company? Just let UpSlide do it.

With UpSlide, creating such a table of contents can be done automatically, in a single click, and fully customized to your company’s branding. This frees up time to focus on analysis and produce more impactful presentations while the value perceived by your clients and prospects increases.

A smart, automated table of contents

The PowerPoint table of contents by UpSlide helps you structure your presentations in a smart way: automate the summary, sections and appendices and ensure compliance with your corporate identity. A last-minute modification? With one click, ensure all page numbers, section titles and footers are up-to-date.

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Branded PowerPoint templates

You can easily access your PowerPoint branded templates from the UpSlide ribbon. Every single detail is customizable: logos, colors, fonts, slide structure, etc. No need to copy-paste old slides anymore to ensure the compliance of your theme!

Organize your PowerPoint presentations

Structure your PowerPoint slides by inserting sections, subsections and a summary. UpSlide will automatically update the table of contents every time you add, remove or move a slide.

Page numbers and footers

Thanks to UpSlide, the title and date of your presentation are systematically included in each slide’s footer. It also automates your page numbers and section name.

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The guarantees of the Table of Contents



structure and simplified navigation



summary and sections in PowerPoint


Easy update

of your footers, summary and sections

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    UpSlide is a high value-added tool. It’s a very intuitive software. Automatic table of contents in PowerPoint is a must-have!

    Paco Baldauff
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    We used to spend 3 hours to create and update our PowerPoint table of contents. Now we do it in one click.

    Oriane Benveniste Profichet
    M&A Director, Cambon Partners

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