Tips for Creativity, Efficiency & Happiness at Work

To begin 2018 with passion, UpSlide wants to share some personal tips with you.
Let’s enhance creativity, efficiency, and happiness at work!


We don’t have to be an artist, a musician or a designer to be creative, we can all be creative and cultivate it! UpSlide shares 6 creativity boosters:

Tips to Boost your Creativity

#1 Think outside of the box

Embrace your child-like creativity! Kids are relatively unbiased, they don’t carry around many of the pre-conceptions that adults do. Try something you have never done before: there are no routine tasks, only routine ways of doing things! You may be surprised by the ideas you could come up with.

#2 Imagine and visualize your project

Think about what you want to achieve before you do it, even down to the smallest details. For example, prepare your perfect meeting by visualizing your presentation step by step: your entrance in the room, your voice, your posture, the installation of the screen and devices going perfectly well, your ideal flow. That way, not only will you be in a positive mindset the D-Day, but your brain will mix imagination and reality and perform at the meeting as if it had already mastered it once! Imagination impacts reality, so let’s be creative!

#3 Ask unexpected people

Ask random people about your problematics: they will take a fresh look at it, from a new perspective. Why not organize a team brainstorming? Be curious, explore and nourish your ideas by opening your mind.

#4 Listen to or watch something funny

Laughter relaxes us, and the more relaxed you are, the more creative you’ll be. For example, take the time to listen to podcasts once a week:

  • 99% Invisible, about all the thought that goes into the things we don’t think about;
  • The Go Creative Show, animated by the independent artist Ben Consoli, presenting each week an unexpected film, video, artwork or new talent;
  • Or anything else of your own choice!

#5 Take a break

Go for a walk, change your working posture or just step away and do something else. Anything else. Take time to incubate. Even if you don’t appear to be working on the ideas actively, your subconscious mind is still engaged and your brain is arranging the information into meaningful new patterns.

#6 Have tons of terrible ideas…

… and don’t judge yourself. The more ideas you can think of, the better chance you will have a good one. The only limits are the ones you set!


At UpSlide, we are passionate users of our keyboard! We are thus happy to share all the up-to-date shortcuts that will help you work better by saving you time.

Tips for Efficiency at Work

Happiness at work

Last but not least, we wish you HAPPINESS at work for 2018 and beyond! Because work is a big part of your LIFE, we hope our tips are actual situations you experience every day.

Tips for Happiness at Work

The whole UpSlide team wishes you the best for 2018!

Stay in touch and have a happy new year!

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