Case Study: Coller Capital

How Coller Capital increases its productivity and collaboration with UpSlide
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"Being able to link the data and then just update it rather than start from scratch is such a time-saver."


"Sharing information within the firm has become so much easier!"


"The immediate reaction from the team was: “This is great, why didn’t we have it before?”."

UpSlide takes care of some of the repeat admin tasks and allows us to concentrate on the aspects of our job that add value for the firm. I regularly encourage colleagues to use UpSlide to cut down on the amount of time they have to spend on repetitive tasks.



Rachel Cormican
Senior Marketing Associate, Coller Capital



Coller Capital, founded in 1990, is one of the world’s leading investors in private equity’s secondary market – widely acknowledged as an innovator and a stand-out player at the complex end of secondaries.


The firm provides liquidity solutions to private equity investors worldwide, acquiring interests in private equity funds, portfolios of private companies, and other private equity-related assets.


With headquarters in London, and offices in New York and Hong Kong, Coller’s multinational investment team has a truly global reach.


In a context of international growth, Coller Capital needed to find a way to easily collaborate and share data within the different offices and teams.


We needed a solution allowing our Finance, Investor Relations and Investment teams to use Microsoft Excel fully and to efficiently link Excel data into PowerPoint.


Their objective was therefore to automate the time-consuming tasks to allow the teams to concentrate on the more value-added tasks.



The UpSlide project

The Finance team first investigated the solution with implementation being led by Marketing and IT.
The team quickly adopted UpSlide and are now relying on it to carry out repeatable admin tasks.


We have very close relationships with UpSlide. The team was always there to answer our questions, especially during the early adoption phase. We really appreciate them being such proactive partners!