Client story: Cushman & Wakefield

How Cushman & Wakefield Australia, one of the largest real estate services firms, streamlined operations and increased efficiency within the Commercial Real Estate Valuations team.
Increase overall efficiency and productivity by automating manual, time-consuming tasks without compromising quality.

UpSlide automates part of our valuation reporting process, freeing time to focus on the work that truly matters. Plus, it provides peace of mind as the data we present is always up-to-date and accurate.

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Thomas Andrews
Joint State Director NSW


Cushman & Wakefield is one of the largest real estate services firms with 50,000+ employees worldwide. Their Commercial Real Estate Valuations teams regularly deliver accurate, high-quality reports to clients against strict deadlines.


Before UpSlide, their report creation process was extremely time-consuming and tedious. Valuers would have to manually update figures each time data changed – time that would be better spent on inspections, research, marketing or client relationship building.


As such, they were searching for a tool that reduced the time it took to create brand consistent, up-to-date valuation reports.

The team at UpSlide have been great. On top of tailored training sessions, they host regular business check-ins where we can follow our usage trends.


These meetings allow us to monitor the number of clicks per feature, who our power users are and overall time savings!


This gives us confidence in the UpSlide value proposition and our team’s return on investment.

Tim Miles

National Director

The UpSlide project

In 2021, UpSlide was rolled out to the Commercial Real Estate Valuations team in Australia. The valuers were able to adopt the solution quickly with minimal disruption to their existing workflow in Forbury.


“Thanks to the tailored training and support provided by UpSlide’s Client Solutions team, our valuers were able to start saving time in Microsoft Office from day one.”

UpSlide provided tailored training, an array of onboarding materials, and how-to articles to ensure we felt comfortable using the software from day one. It’s perfectly ingrained into our workflows; we can’t imagine life without it!

Tim Miles

National Director


Before UpSlide, valuers would copy-paste data from our Forbury Excel model into Word for each new report. Manually updating figures, plus having multiple rounds of reviews, slowed the team down.

With the Excel to Word Link, valuation reports can be updated in one click – saving up to 6 hours per report.


Ensuring our clients receive accurate, up-to-date valuation reports is imperative – and UpSlide makes achieving this much easier.

When reviewing the team’s reports, we can easily identify which data was last updated, when, and by whom. This acts as a safety net and guarantees accuracy.


UpSlide streamlines our report creation processes, eliminating some of the manual tasks and saving each valuer upwards of 30 hours per month.

That’s a lot of overtime saved, which is especially important during critical reporting periods in June and December. Less manual work means happier valuers.