What’s new in UpSlide 6.5 for PowerPoint?

We are thrilled to announce our latest improvements to PowerPoint!
Get ready to build your presentations faster.

1. Dynamic templates

This feature is the star of version 6.5! After inputting simple information about your presentation, your template will be automatically customized by:

  • Inserting information into your slides from your CRM or internal databases (such as past projects, biographies, tombstones, etc.)
  • Including slides from the UpSlide Library
  • Filling in text fields with the right information (disclaimers, addresses and even pictures!)

Simply browse through the available options such as language, industry, team or anything relevant to your presentation and let UpSlide build it for you.

Here is a short presentation of the feature:

This feature is available upon request for your organization.

2. Slide Check enhancement

One million.
That’s the number of documents checked since we released the Slide Check feature!
Thanks to all Slide Check warnings, UpSlide users can avoid countless double spaces, perfectly align shapes, automatically detect old slides and replace them by up to date ones.

UpSlide users like it so much that we decided to enhance it:

  • The interface has been improved to browse through warnings with fewer clicks
  • New warnings have been added to make sure you are using the correct font, font size and even font colour!

We hope you will enjoy this release! Feel free to add a comment to give us your thoughts.

If you also use Excel, check out the latest UpSlide features for Excel.

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