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UpSlide is the simplest, easiest and fastest way to create Waterfall Charts (bridge charts) with the design, branding and format you want in Excel with just a few clicks.
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UpSlide’s Waterfall Chart is an essential tool for Financial Analysis

The waterfall chart (also known as a « bridge chart ») is commonly used by consultants or bankers when producing complex financial analyses (e.g. financial due diligences). It makes it very easy to analyze the impact on an initial value (for instance annual revenues) of a series of positive or negative effects (for instance the signing of a new client, a change in FX rate…).

It presents all these effects in an extremely visual and synthetic way, and, with UpSlide, you can create it in one click.

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Building a Waterfall Chart is very difficult without UpSlide

Without UpSlide, it is frustrating to build financial models in Excel.

You have to avoid mistakes, make the distinction between inputs and outputs, format tables and charts with company colors, build complex charts, and clean models before sending them to clients.

Then you need to get everything into a report by copying and pasting tables and charts into PowerPoint or Word – this can take hours. And, when you update your model or get next month’s figures you’ll need to do it all over again.

When repeated several times a day, these tasks can be exhausting and a source of errors. Luckily, UpSlide lets you do each of these operations in just one click.

UpSlide lets you build your Waterfall Chart in only One Click

With UpSlide, building a waterfall chart, even complex, only takes a few seconds.

We have developed, with the help of our users, a very user-friendly feature, which allows you to produce a professional waterfall chart in one click. It is automatically formatted based on the branding and design guidelines of your company. And if you want to add a CAGR or break down an effect in various categories (e.g. break down the FX effect by country), it is also possible in only one click. A precious time saver!

No need for manual formatting, it is all automatic!

To create a waterfall chart with UpSlide, just select your range of data and click on the waterfall button, in UpSlide toolbar.

Your chart appears instantly. Note that you can organize your data in rows or in columns: UpSlide recognizes both of them. You will also notice that UpSlide automatically knows how to differentiate results from effects. For instance, a sub-total in your table will automatically be shown as an intermediary result bar in your waterfall chart. Still need a final push to get started? No worries: some already made waterfall charts are accessible in one click in UpSlide.

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