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  • By Léa Faust, 22/01/2018

UpSlide is happy to introduce two newcomers! Florence and Gabriel just joined us in our mission to Help People Work Better, let’s meet them…

Introducing Florence, Product Expert

After 4 years in audit and 2.5 years of business development in IT services, Florence joined our team to be the key contact of our new users. From the setup to the training, as a Product Expert, Florence is dedicated to our clients to help them significantly improve their efficiency in Microsoft Office.

Florence, what’s your own practical tip to work better?
In my mind, organization is the key word. I am kind of a Monica Geller (© Friends for those who know) and, as such, I believe that it is really important to have a “SMART to-do list” for each day. By SMART, I mean:

Specific (be precise on your task),
easurable (to know when your task is done and can be checked),
chievable (meaning you can do it by yourself and it does not depend on external factors),
ealistic (“recruit 40 people in one week” is for example not realistic for one person),
imed (of course, you have to set a deadline).

I have also found that it is better to handle administrative tasks (emails, for example) at certain times of the day – preferably at the beginning, at noon or at the end of the day. This way you can more easily focus on your work!

Our mission is to “Help People Work Better”, what kind of helper are you?
As a perfectionist, I will always try my best to make the perfect template, the perfect setup and the perfect moment to please everyone I am working with.

How would you describe UpSlide in one word?
Benevolence, without any doubt!

What is your favorite UpSlide feature?
The link between Excel and PowerPoint is one of my favorite features (but just because I had to choose one…). It is just great to insert a table, a figure, or a graph with one click! Moreover, you do not have to check the format or anything, you just have to refresh if you change something in your Excel file: future!

Introducing Gabriel, Graphic Designer

After graduating from ISCOM Paris, Gabriel joined UpSlide in the Studio team. He works closely with the Marketing, Sales and Developers teams to enhance UpSlide’s vision and mission through colors and shapes. Most of all, he helps our clients defining their graphic guidelines and sublimates their presentations.

Gabriel, what’s your own practical tip to work better?
I always try to be optimistic and not to let failure discourage me! If you are in a positive mindset, everything will seem brighter and even defeats can become opportunities.

One of my favourite quote is “Being optimistic, is seeing life through a ray of sunshine”.

It’s all about seeing the glass half full: for example, instead of being sad because there is no coffee left, be happy because there are plenty of tea bags in the drawer :). The best part is that optimism is quite contagious, so spread it around you!

Our mission is to “Help People Work Better”, what kind of helper are you?
As an optimistic person, I want others to follow in my wake. There is no place for bad feelings in my world. If you stay focused on the good things, you will feel like everything is possible!

How would you describe UpSlide in one word?
Only one? I would say recognition.

What is your favorite UpSlide feature?
As a graphic designer, I use the Smart Painter all the time. It allows me to copy a style from a first content to another one.

Thanks to Florence and Gabriel for joining us. We look forward for you to meet them as part of a project!

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