Welcome to Marine, our new Office Manager!

Marine recently joined the Pyramid Group (UpSlide and Finance 3.1) as an Office Manager and Chief Happiness Officer. Her mission: to make sure the teams remain happy at work, united across the borders of our Paris, London and New York offices, and most of all, driven by our mission: Help People Work Better!

What does it mean to be Chief Happiness Officer at Pyramid?

As an Office Manager, Marine is responsible for our work space: she anticipates the UpSliders’ needs, facilitates their daily work by making sure fresh fruits are at everyone’s disposal, for example! She handles administrative tasks like customer reminders, pay slips or phone reception.

Besides, she spends a lot of time fostering well-being and involvment at UpSlide and Finance 3.1: she organises weekly theme snacks, monthly team drinks, movie lunches, the annual seminar… but she also welcomes newcomers, coordinates customer events and maintains social ties between employees.

Marine’s mission: embody our values and make sure they lead our every move!

Marine, what’s your own practical tip to work better?
My tip: do a to-do list every morning and work step by step to achieve your objectives. Sometimes, I turn my emails notifications off  to be focused on the task I’m working on – it’s really efficient when you need to be productive!

Our mission is to “Help People Work Better”, what kind of helper are you?
My own mission is to ease the life of the UpSliders and the company of an administrative point of view. As Chief Happiness Officer, my goal is to cheer everyone up, a little more every workday, by proposing internal activities that will put a smile on the team’s faces! In that way, I feel like I’m contributing to the company’s well-being and helping everyone feel happy at work =)

How would you describe UpSlide in one word?

What is your favorite UpSlide feature?
I like the Library, which I find very helpful for our clients. It can save a lot of time!

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