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  • By Léa Faust, 06/02/2018

UpSlide is happy to introduce Matthew and Léa, two newcomers in the Dev and Marketing teams. Ready to meet them?

Welcome Matthew, Software Engineer

After studying mathematics at Cambridge University, Matthew has been working in the travel industry on web technologies. He is joining our team as a Software Engineer to continue the development of the product.

Matthew, what’s your own practical tip to work better?
We all spend a lot of time in Outlook. My tip: set up folders and email rules so that only the most important emails reach the Inbox. Automated emails and group emails can go into folders to be read in bulk, so more time can be spent on emails aimed directly at you.

Our mission is to “Help People Work Better”, what kind of helper are you?
When I understand a topic well, I am good at explaining it to others and enjoy doing so!

How would you describe UpSlide in one word?

What is your favorite UpSlide feature?
It has to be the Slide Check feature – as a perfectionist I want to know about even the smallest errors. This feature not only points them out, but offers to automatically correct almost all of them!

Welcome Léa, Content Manager

After graduating in translation and multimedia journalism, Léa worked for an artificial intelligence software editor before joining us. Her taste for technology and international environments brought her to UpSlide. As Content Manager, she conveys UpSlide’s mission in every piece of content and message we spread.

Léa, what’s your own practical tip to work better?
I am using a bullet journal to list everything I did and/or need to do every day. The bullet journal is very uyseful to track day-to-day activities and experiences, as well as long-term goals. I also use the “rapid logging” method, which basically means taking quick notes on any number of things instead of writing long sentences. Then I mark those notes with simple symbols to easily categorize and track them. The bullet journal approach helps me keeping all my thoughts in one place, which is amazingly valuable, especially if you are a creative person!

Our mission is to “Help People Work Better”, what kind of helper are you?
I always try to step into other people’s shoes’ – whether it is a customer, a partner or a collegue. I try to understand their point of view as if it were my own to do my best to help them. Or, as Harper Lee would say:

“You never really know a man until you understand things from his point of view, until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.” Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird

How would you describe UpSlide in one word?
Since I have to choose, I would say expertise.

What is your favorite UpSlide feature?
I think Libraries are really useful: no more copy-pasting! All the documents, slides, pictures, logos you need are literally at the click of a mouse. Now, if that’s not revolutionary, I don’t know what it is!

We are very happy to welcome Matthew and Léa in our team!

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