Is it worth the money?

100% Yes! UpSlide will save time on low value added tasks and increase quality for all office documents and reports produced. It will help you reduce internal costs and increase revenue, with no hidden costs.  UpSlide includes both spport and maintenance.

Will I be billed when I sign up for a Free Trial?

Absolutely not. You don’t even have to enter your credit card details until your free 15 day trial is over. You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your account at any time.

Can UpSlide be customized?

Yes! UpSlide Enterprise offers full customization to your company branding and design guidelines, by our product experts.

Is it secure and safe to use?

Absolutely Yes! No data is transferred outside of your network.

How does the Excel to PowerPoint Link work?

Export Excel tables or charts in a single click. Your data is then automatically resized to fit the available space. If the Excel data is then modified, just click once and your document (in whole or in part) is updated. Our link system is fast, flexible and does not lead to unstable documents. The source data is pasted as an enhanced metafile which will limit the file size to the minimum creating stable and size optimised presentations. Better still, you can rename, move or work on several versions of the Excel source file and still effortlessly update the linked Excel parts of your documents. This sytem is by far the best alternative on the market.

Creating a Table of Contents in PowerPoint with UpSlide

Structure your presentations and simplify navigation with our automated table of contents. You can organize your presentations in sections, subsections or appendices and UpSlide will automatically insert and update a table of contents, as well as section and subsection divider slides. Every single detail is customizable: logos, colors, fonts, slide structure, etc.

Creating Waterfall, Gantt, Marimekko in Excel with UpSlide

Get rid of your old Excel template for Waterfall creation. You can now insert a Waterfall chart as you would insert a bar chart, in one click. Your company brand and visual identity is automatically applied. Note that stacked waterfall charts and Marimekkos are also available.

Applying Brand Formatting in Excel, PowerPoint and Word

Start building all your standard PowerPoint presentations with a clean template, customized with your company colors, branding, logo and visual identity elements. Format entire Tables and Charts in One Click in Excel – be it fonts, backgrounds, borders, number formats, axis colors etc. With UpSlide, applying your corporate design to anything takes just one click.

Shared Content Libraries in a team

Share with your team a library of ready-to-use content such as slides, logos, CVs, case studies, maps, worksheets, tables and charts. Finding your content and documents has never been faster with our search bar. All of this content can be centrally managed by an administrator in your organization. For example, they can add a new slide to the PowerPoint library and push this slide to everybody in their team. It is also possible to push some content to some specific teams only. When a new version of your content is released, UpSlide can make sure that all existing presentations reflect this modification.

What are Slide Check and Slide Converter?

Slide Check reviews your presentation to ensure your content is up-to-date and meets design quality standards. Warnings are grouped by slides and by type and hovering over a warning displays a preview of what is wrong directly on your slide. The Slide Converter is an administrator-only feature in UpSlide for PowerPoint that allows you to convert a set of slides to another presentation master.

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