Main Features

Link Excel to Powerpoint

Export Excel tables or charts in a single click. Your data is automatically resized to fit the space. If the Excel data is then modified, just click once and your document is updated. Our link system is fast, flexible and does not lead to unstable documents. The source data is exported as an enhanced metafile which keeps the file size under control – creating size optimised presentations. You can rename, move or work on several versions of the Excel source file and still update the linked Excel parts of your documents.

Shared Content Libraries

Share a library of ready-to-use content such as slides, logos, CVs, case studies, maps, worksheets, tables and charts with your team. Finding your content and documents has never been faster with our search bar. All of this content can be centrally managed by an administrator in your organization. For example, they can add a new slide to the PowerPoint library and push this slide to everybody in their team. It is also possible to push certain content only to certain teams. When a new version of your content is released, UpSlide ensures that all existing presentations reflect this modification.

Apply Brand Formatting

Start building all your standard PowerPoint presentations with a clean template, customized with your company colors, branding, logo and visual identity elements. Format tables and charts in one click in Excel – be it fonts, backgrounds, borders, number formats, axis colors etc. With UpSlide, applying your corporate design to anything takes just one click.

Slide Check

Slide Check reviews your document and corrects misaligned shapes, incorrect fonts and colors, double spaces and other typos. The icing on the cake is that it also detects outdated contents previously inserted from the library.

Slide Converter

Slide Converter enables you to convert a set of slides from one presentation master to another, for example if you change your visual identity.


The Tombstones pane gives you direct access to a centralized deal database.

You can filter and search the database using all the data associated with the deals. The Tombstones can then be automatically inserted in the active slide in the order you specify. Cherry on top, UpSlide will automatically compute the best way to organize the Tombstones given the available space.

Table Of Contents

Structure presentations and simplify navigation with our automated table of contents. You can organize your presentations in sections, subsections or appendices and UpSlide will automatically insert and update a table of contents (including page numbers), as well as section and subsection divider slides. Every single detail is customizable: logos, colors, fonts, slide structure, etc.

Create Complex Charts

Get rid of your old Excel template for Waterfall creation. You can now insert a Waterfall chart as you would insert a bar chart, in one click. Your company brand and visual identity is automatically applied. Stacked waterfall charts and Marimekos are also available.


Design Tools

With UpSlide, copy the size, position or format of your shape and apply it to others on multiple slides. Designing slides has never been so easy with features such as Swap Positions, Copy Height, Copy Width, etc. UpSlide will automatically recommend and arrange your images or text boxes in the optimal arrangement given the available space.

Smart Track

Smart Track is vital for any advanced Excel user. This feature lets you trace precedents and dependents with surprising ease. Use the mouse or keyboard to drill down to inputs and back up to your formula in an instant. Need to audit a model? Smart Track can be a real life-saver and is incomparably faster than Excel’s Trace precedents/dependents feature and much more ergonomic than Excel’s Evaluate formula.


Autocolor gathers financial modelling best practices. It allows you to distinguish the cells based on the type of their contents (for example, constant values in blue font, links with a green background, formulas with another colour, etc.). You can turn it on by default or simply apply it to a specific selection.

Clean Workbook

When workbooks have been converted or been modified by many users over the years, they tend to grow in size and become slower to open. UpSlide’s Clean Workbook function reduces the size and optimizes the time of re-calculation of the file. It will dramatically reduce the size of your workbooks by removing corrupted names, links or cell styles, reducing the used ranges on worksheets, cleaning custom number formats, or by fixing Excel 2003 color issues. Clean Workbook can also be used to clean a spreadsheet of comments or links before sending it outside your organization.

Slide Check

Save huge amounts of time when revising your documents. Slide Check ensures that your content is up-to-date and meets design quality standards. You can either correct each warning one by one, by picking from our suggestions, or let our tool revise the whole document in one click. Among the list of signalled issues: missaligned shapes, double spaces or outdated contents previously inserted from the library.

Generate Audit Reports

If you use an internal audit tool, a significant part of the audit is probably spent creating a memo or a presentation from the information gathered in the audit tool. UpSlide can automate this task by generating a presentation directly from an Excel file. Most audit tools can export the audit data as a .csv or .xls file, with a line for each audit point and a column for each field (e.g. context, findings, risks, etc.). UpSlide can then interpret this data and automatically create the presentation using your templates and visual identity.



UpSlide is compatible with Microsoft Office: 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 365.


UpSlide works under Windows Vista, 7, 8 and10 (x32 or x64). It can also be set up on Windows Server 2008 and 2012.


XenApp? XenDesktop? Streamed to a server or streamed to a computer? No problem – UpSlide can be deployed in Citrix environments.


Deploying UpSlide in an organization is straightforward, no matter the size of your business. Since 2010, UpSlide has been setup in more than 250 teams of various sizes in 60 countries, giving us a perfect understanding of most technical environments.



UpSlide has very little impact on the machine. We provide an .msi for centralized deployment.


Simply enter your email address to activate UpSlide and access its buttons and menus directly in PowerPoint, Excel and Word ribbons.


All documents are stored in your own network. No sensitive data is exchanged with the outside.

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