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You think that creating a Gantt chart is too complicated and wastes your time ?

Discover how UpSlide can help you create a Gantt Chart quickly and easily with just a few clicks, and it looks good!

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UpSlide’s Gantt Chart is a must-have in every Project Management Toolkit

UpSlide’s Gantt chart is a powerful solution to visualize all the stages of a project at a glance, as well as their respective duration, their interdependencies and their starting and ending dates. Such a diagram allows your team members to easily understand the course of the project and to better anticipate and manage their time. Thanks to UpSlide, building a clear, accurate and easy to understand Gantt chart only takes you a few clicks.

Create Gantt Chart in Excel in just one click with UpSlide

If you do not have UpSlide, building a Gantt Chart is extremely difficult

In project management, time is often the main enemy: managing your team and the accumulation of tasks in your to-do list is not a piece of cake. Using a Gantt chart is helpful to streamline and align the actions to be done, but without UpSlide, it has to be built manually. How long does it take you to produce this diagram and connect interdependent actions with each other? Far too long… And if dates change, you need to start all over again. Luckily enough, with UpSlide, you can produce in only a few clicks a clean and standardized Gantt chart, for a convincing result with no pain.

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UpSlide allows you to quickly produce an unlimited number of high quality Gantt charts

We know that the pace of your projects can sometimes be hectic and that you have no time to loose. As a consequence, UpSlide has created a tool which allows you to build a Gantt chart in only a few clicks and to modify it just as easily. All you have to do is list the tasks of the projects and their dates, and then you can instantly generate a diagram in line with you company’s visual identity, ready to print out and share. To make it even easier, our modelling experts have integrated this tool directly in Excel. With UpSlide, keep control on your project!

UpSlide’s Gantt Chart is directly accessible through Excel

UpSlide’s Gantt chart is a professional and user-friendly diagram construction tool, integrated in Excel. On the left part of the user interface, you can find the list of the different actions and tasks of the project, as well as the corresponding owners or stakeholders. On the top part of the user interface, you will find the time unit (days, months, etc.), which is automatically adapted to the duration of your project. Every step is materialized by a horizontal bar, the length of which depends on the duration of the task, allowing you to clearly visualize the starting and the ending dates. To add a horizontal bar or a milestone, just fill its name and its dates, and your diagram is updated.

UpSlide’s Gantt Chart: a simple tool which creates an intelligible planning of your project in just a few seconds.

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