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The Excel to PowerPoint link developed by UpSlide is easy to use and robust.

The smart Excel link allows full accuracy and helps you collaborate with the team when doing complex analysis and reports.

Set up in 1 minute & compatible with all Office Editions (2007-2016)

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Why link Excel and PowerPoint with UpSlide?

Excel and PowerPoint are often used together to produce reports. Excel is the leading tool for preparing complex financial analyses and PowerPoint is the main way results are presented. People often copy and paste tables and charts from Excel and accompany them with comments. But when your model changes or you have next month’s figures, you need to update every figure in PowerPoint without making any mistakes. In situations like this intensive users of Excel and PowerPoint use UpSlide.

UpSlide is specifically designed to automatically link Excel and PowerPoint. If you later change the existing Excel data, you can update the linked PowerPoint or Word document with the click of a button.

Link Excel To PowerPoint in one click with UpSlide

Without UpSlide, updating figures in PowerPoint is time consuming and hazardous

Without UpSlide, updating tables and charts in a PowerPoint report is tough: you need to re-copy and paste each table or chart manually; resize elements, where required; and check that every figure and comment has been updated properly. A single mistake can cost you your credibility. This task is repetitive and is often performed under tight deadlines. And when you have new numbers, you need to start everything from scratch! Our Excel to PowerPoint link allows you to avoid these pains.


UpSlide’s Excel to PowerPoint link avoids mistakes and takes a few seconds

You can automatically update tables, charts and figures in comments in one click. Without UpSlide, how long does
it take to update a 200 page report? One day? With UpSlide, you can be done in a few seconds. You can choose to
update specific elements or your entire presentation.

With UpSlide’s Excel to PowerPoint link, you save time and safe guard against mistakes.

UpSlide’s link is reliable and can’t be broken.

Exporting a table or chart from Excel to PowerPoint with UpSlide is easy. Just select it and click ‘export’. To update your tables and charts with new values, just click ‘update’. You can update one object at a time, or
update all of them at once. Tables and charts are exported as enhanced metafiles. This keeps your formatting intact, prevents things from becoming pixelated when printed, and keeps the file size of the presentation small.
UpSlide’s link is robust. You can change filenames, save new versions, save them in completely different folders, or email them a colleague and the link will still work.

Excel to PowerPoint/Word links are reliable and won’t be broken when the structure of your spreadsheet changes. UpSlide can also hide comment and formula error indicators, check for errors, and more when exporting from Excel to give your spreadsheet and reports a professional look.

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