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UpSlide allows you to create a Table of Contents in PowerPoint, fully customized with just One Click.

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The Table of Contents tool makes your PowerPoint presentations more impactful and structured

A structured table of contents is the unavoidable part of all your professional reports be it due diligence reports, information memorandums, commercial presentations, periodic reporting packages etc. It helps your readers find the information they are looking for at a glance.

With UpSlide, creating such a table of contents can be done automatically, in a single click, and it is customized with your logo and your company’s branding.

This frees up your time to focus on analysis and so reports are more impactful, and the value perceived by your clients and prospects is increased.

Automatic Table of Contents in PowerPoint with UpSlide Create a Table of Contents in PowerPoint

Without UpSlide, it is complex and time consuming to create a Table Of Contents in PowerPoint

There is no native automatic table of contents in PowerPoint so creating a structured and convincing table of contents in PowerPoint needs to be done manually.

You first need to insert in a slide in the beginning of your presentation, then identity the different sections and their page numbers. Designing the page layout is difficult too, since you need to make sure that the different elements are perfectly aligned and that your table of contents is only one or two pages long, depending on what you prefer… And if your page numbers or your titles names change, everything needs to be started again from scratch. A significant loss of time and risk of mistakes.

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In only one click, create the perfect Table Of Contents

UpSlide has designed a revolutionary tool to create an automatic table of contents in PowerPoint in only one click. Its visual aspects remains the same from one presentation to the other, which makes them homogeneous and reinforces the value of your brand.

You can always choose to customize some details: do you want to include sections or sub-sections in it? Show your logo? Use the graphic charter of your company? Just let UpSlide do it.

If you change the name of some sections or create a new one, the update takes only one click. Refreshing your table of contents and reorganizing your report has never been that simple and accessible.

The Automatic Table of Contents of UpSlide is an Easy-To-Use Tool with a Drag and Drop function.

It is easy to create an automatic table of contents in PowerPoint with UpSlide. First, insert your sections and sub-sections divider slides, using the UpSlide toolbar. You can see them appear in your presentation. Then insert the table of contents slide: one click and you are done.

Managing your sections is very intuitive too: drag and drop sections to change their order, rename them, delete them, and create new ones. All these operations can be done centrally, thanks to a user-friendly interface integrated in UpSlide, meaning you no longer have to go to each divider slide to update it which is helpful and time saving for long reports.

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